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Kickstart your journey towards a better you today

If you're ready to become happier, healthier, fitter and slimmer then we've got everything you need.

What's even better is it costs less than £5 per week*

Your lifestyle goals. Two ways to achieve them

Whether you love the face-to-face weekly community groups or need to be able to weigh in at home, we have got you covered with two great membership options. 

Join a weekly local community group

At Grow, our weekly face-to-face community groups give our members a vital support system for their journey, building commitment and accountability. 


This powerful combination helps our members reach their goals of becoming happier, healthier, fitter and slimmer.

£22.50 monthly or less than £5 per week when you buy a 3-month plan

Or log on to and join our digital group

At home, on the move or even on holiday, our flexible digital-only groups give our members a vital support system wherever they need it.

At the click of a button, you can access our digital groups to help you reach your goals of becoming happier, healthier, fitter and slimmer. 

Less than £5 per week when you join our digital-only group

Rewriting the rules of losing weight

Everyone's needs are different when you're working towards your goals of becoming happier, healthier, fitter and slimmer. With 11 years of experience, our programme will help you reach your new lifestyle goals through our three core foundations. 

Never go hungry again

Our healthy eating plan, Everyday Balance, is designed so that you can indulge in a guilt-free menu of mouth-watering meals and still reach your goal of becoming happier, healthier, fitter, and slimmer.

At Grow, you’re in control.

Feel your best

Regular physical activity helps you lose weight, improves your mood and overall well-being, and decreases the risks of chronic diseases.


A little a day goes a long way!

Unrivalled support

At Grow, we believe having the right people around you is the key to success.


Our vibrant community groups are here to support and motivate you like never before.

Unlock a world of guilt-free eating!

Whether you're looking for classic healthy meals, quick midweek dinners, filling lunch ideas or delicious desserts, we have recipes you'll love.

Real people, real results

We set out to help our members become happier, healthier, fitter and slimmer, and it's working! Don't just take our word for it, this is what our members are saying.

"Grow is like having supportive and encouraging arms wrapped around you. No judgement, no need to worry about fitting in and simple to make lifestyle changes and choices to make for a healthier and happy you".

Rebecca J

""Grow is so easy to follow, you're encouraged to make the best version of YOURSELF; The support network is like no other, and the recipes are easy to make and explained thoroughly".".

Sally F

"For me, it's the personal touch. From the weekly emails giving me motivation and encouragement throughout the week - to the congratulatory card that comes through the post! It feels like I have a friend who cares and supports me - not just a coach I see once a week!".

Olga J

"I love Grow because it's sustainable and doesn't feel like how other weight loss plans feel. Grow feels like a lifestyle change. I can build new habits and get all the support I need from the group each week."

Hayley L

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