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I didn't want to have to choose weight loss surgery

Becci joined Grow in January 2023, looking to make the right lifestyle choices and rebuild her confidence. Since joining Grow, Becci has lost 4st 7lbs in 12 months and feels fantastic!

Starting weight 13st 11½lbs

Weight now 9st 4.½lbs

Height 5ft 2ins

Total weight loss 4st 7lbs

Before and after photo of Grow with Kieron member Becci Tucker
Becci Tucker's weight loss transformation

My life is busy as a Salon Manager, a wife and a mum to my two boys. I am always on the go. I struggled to find time to focus on my own well-being.

Over the years, I've tried everything to help me lose weight, all the usual weight loss groups. I'd lose some weight here and there but then put it all back on again. I never felt like I had changed my mindset and I always felt like I was on a diet.

People often think that when you stand in front of a salon mirror all day, you must hate seeing your own image. The truth is you stop seeing yourself, as you are so focused on your clients and what they need. Over time, you don't notice the little changes as the weight starts to creep on. It can be so gradual that it can take years before you notice.

In reality, it wasn't just at work that I had stopped looking at myself. When I searched for photos of myself before I started this journey, I couldn't find any. I had started to hide away from the camera. It was a real shock moment for me. I've only been able to find a handful of photos.

I knew that if I had the right support, I would be able to make the lifestyle changes myself.

My sister has also struggled with her weight over the years and decided to go and get weight loss surgery. She's now lost over 10st and looks amazing. I could have thought about doing the same, but surgery wasn't the route I wanted to take.

So, I decided I'd give one more group a go and that group was Grow. I needed it to work as my weight was affecting my physical health. After a full day's work in the salon, I would have terrible pain in my knees, swelling by the end of each shift. It became so painful I was back and forth to the doctors. I had started to avoid doing anything physical, like walking the dog, because I feared the pain and just knew that I'd struggle.

The first day I walked into a Grow group, I'll be honest I was petrified. Walking into a room and admitting to yourself and everyone else that you need help can be daunting. You fear being judged by everyone.

I couldn't have been more wrong! From the second I walked into the group, Kieron and all the members welcomed me. I heard about how flexible and easy the plan was and how other members were making lifestyle changes. I felt so comfortable, and there were no happy clappy moments like other groups I had attended.

I knew Grow was the key to my success from the first week. I lost 3.5lb and I felt so happy.

Everything I had ever needed was right there in the group. Week in and week out, my Tuesday mornings are my time. I get to focus on myself for that hour and am always fully prepared for the week ahead. Without the group, I wouldn't have got this far.

Since joining, I've lost over 4st 7lb and am now officially a Lifestyle Member, which I still can't believe. I'd have laughed at you if you'd told me that a year ago.

Before Grow, my confidence was at an all-time low and I wasn't happy. But now I have a healthy relationship with food, the weight is finally off, and I know it's for good this time. It feels great to walk into any clothes shop, pick something up and know it'll fit me. It's priceless.

The pain started disappearing in my knees when I reached around 1st weight loss. This encouraged me to start walking with my husband and dog most evenings, which has helped me become fitter. At Grow, you get to start at your own pace and there's no need to wear lycra.

Grow member celebrates weight loss success with confetti
Becci Tucker celebrates losing 4st 7lb

Throughout my journey of becoming happier, healthier, fitter and slimmer, I have felt supported both in the group, at home and at work. My husband and my kids are so happy for me. Seeing me happier has made such an impact on our home.

The girls at the salon are always a great support, asking me about my food and helping me find healthy options when we go out. They are my cheerleaders. A lot of them have now joined Grow themselves and are loving it!

It's also allowed me to support my wonderful grandparents. They are the most special people and now I have the energy to help them daily. Without losing the weight, I just wouldn't have been able to do it.

I plan and prep weekly meals and there is always a filling, healthy meal in the freezer! I batch cook and still get to have my favourites like Spaghetti Bolognese or Curry, so I never feel like I'm on a diet or missing out.

Grow has given me the tools and the mindset to make better decisions around my food choices and Grow's healthy eating plan, Everyday Balance, is so easy to maintain.

If someone were considering joining Grow, I'd say do it! Don't think twice! You won't regret it.

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