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Grow with Kieron's Cancellation Policy

If you're reading this page, then it means you're considering putting your weight loss goals on hold, and you want to pause/cancel your membership.


We know it will have taken some deep thinking before you've reached this decision, and we want you to know we do understand. We know losing weight isn't always easy, and we respect your decision.

By completing an enrolment form digitally or in-person, you agreed to accepting a copy of Grow with Kieron’s Community and Group rules which are located at the back of your member pack and the most up to date version available via our website. 

When you joined Grow with Kieron you agreed to the following: 


  • I agree to Grow with Kieron’s Community & Group rules available in the Grow with Kieron Member Pack

  • I understand that my information will be carefully looked after

  • I understand that I am joining for a minimum of three months    

  • I understand that I must give one full month’s notice to cancel / pause my membership. The one months’ notice may not be in-line with your monthly subscription and you could incur a pro-rata charge. Should you choose to cancel your membership via your payment method (Stripe and PayPal) in direct breach of the cancellation policy, we reserve the right to recover the additional fees in anyway possible. This may include extra charges and  interest being added.

  • I understand holidays are automatically added into my Grow membership. We do this by you paying your subscription monthly, not weekly. This means that you only pay for 48 weeks of the year, not 52.  

  • I understand by utilising Grow with Kieron services, that its food and activity plans are not aimed to diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure any medical conditions

  • I understand that the food and activity plans are to guide and provide advice to compliment and support my fitness and weight loss goals solely

Before we can pause/cancel your membership subscription you must have met the criteria above. We can not process your request if the information above has not been met. 


If you want to pause your membership, it is important that you know that:

  • Pause your membership for a maximum of three months

  • Payments and membership will continue after three months



Grow with Kieron's Cancellation Process


There is a process to pause/cancel your Grow with Kieron membership that all members must follow. We want to ensure we have done everything possible to help support you.


To pause/cancel your membership you will need to:

  • Notify Grow with Kieron using the online form below

  • Have an active membership subscription. If your account is in arrears we will not be able to start the 30 days notice to cancel. Once your account is brought up to date we can start the 30 days notice from the date your membership subscription became active again

  • Be aware that you will lose access to all Grow with Kieron membership benefits such as weighing in, attending a digital or in-person group and access to any support applications


Grow with Kieron will:

  • Respond within five working days

  • Collect any further payments full or pro rata through your original payment method


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